Paris commemorates Charlie Hebdo victims

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The victims of the attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and the hostage taking in a Jewish supermarket in January 2015 were commemorated in Paris on the 5-7 January 2016. A year after the attacks France's politicians have still done nothing to tackle the roots of the terror, some commentators complain. For others, fear-driven self-censorship is threatening freedom of opinion.

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On the 7 January 2016 a man wearing a fake suicide vest and carrying an printed Isis flag attacked police in Paris before being shot dead. AFP reported that a piece of paper found on his body 'pledged allegiance' to so-called Islamic State and vowed revenge for French 'attacks in Syria'.

The commemoration of the January and November 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris continued through to the 10 January 2016 when French President Francois Hollande and Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo dedicated a plaque in the Place de la Republique to the 147 people who died at the hands of terrorists in France in 2015.

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