Point of View: What Germany, France and Britain should do after Trump nixes the Iran deal

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Publication Date 08/05/2018
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Germans and all Europeans need to brace themselves for a unilateral US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal on May 12, the deadline for Donald Trump’s decision. Everything suggests that he will re-impose sanctions on Iran related to its nuclear program. Germany, France and Britain – the so-called European “E3” who helped broker the original deal – have worked hard to rescue the deal. But Trump appears unmoved by their arguments. So the Europeans need to do all they can to avoid a crash landing and keep the door open for dialogues across the Atlantic and with Iran. There are three reasons why there are no good alternatives to keeping the Iran deal alive.

Source Link https://www.swp-berlin.org/en/point-of-view/2018/what-germany-france-and-britain-should-do-after-trump-nixes-the-iran-deal/
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