Poland and the East: Poland’s Relations with Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine in the Context of European Eastern Policy

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Series Details No.23, June 2005
Publication Date June 2005
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The celebrations of the sixtieth anniversary of the end of World War II brought to light new controversies between Poland and Russia. The upsets stem from differences of historical interpretation, especially concerning twentieth-century events, but their roots are also to be found in diverging foreign and security policy interests. At the same time - in recent weeks - tensions flared up between Poland and Belarus.

These setbacks came only shortly after Poland had achieved a major eastern policy success in the form of its intervention during Ukraine's Orange Revolution. The close partnership with Ukraine and the difficult relations with Russia that Poland brought with it when it joined the European Union have contributed to an "easternization" of the Common Foreign and Security Policy.

In order to make use of Poland's eastern policy expertise for the European Union and at the same time 'defuse' Poland's conflict-laden relations with Russia, Germany and Poland should organize an ongoing discussion process around questions of European eastern policy and neighborhood policy.

Source Link https://www.swp-berlin.org/en/publication/poland-and-the-east/
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