Poland into the new millennium

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Publication Date 2001
ISBN 1-84064-639-X
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In this book a series of Polish contributors describe and comment upon some of the key features of Poland's post-1989 transformation from communism and central planning to market economy and parliamentary democracy.

The contributors describe important aspects of system transformation in order to promote better understanding of the nature of the processes introduced to the economy and society since 1989. The book seeks to illustrate what has been achieved - and what has not - and tentatively explore likely future developments in relation to the problems that may lie ahead.

The transformation has not been easy. Many tensions have been encountered, including 'transformation recession', strong inflation, high unemployment, fast-growing regional and income inequality, alongside the release of powerful new entrepreneurial energies and reintegration into the international economy. Efforts to achieve EU entry is a dominating issue.

The chapters are divided into three broad sections: Political economy, society and politics; Economic performance, institutional and sectoral transformation; International dimensions of Poland's transformation.

The book is specifically aimed at a Western audience seeking information on modern Poland.

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