Policy-making in the European Union, 6th ed.

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Publication Date 2010
ISBN 978-0-19-954482-0
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1. An Overview - Helen Wallace, Mark A. Pollack & Alasdair R.Young
2. Theorizing EU Policy-Making - Mark A. Pollack
3. The European Policy Process in Comparative Perspective - Alasdair R. Young
4. An Institutional Anatomy and Five Policy Modes - Helen Wallace

5. The Single Market: Deregulation, Reregulation, and Integration - Alasdair R.Young
6. Competition Policy: Towards an Economic Constitution? - Stephen Wilks
7. Economic and Monetary Union: An Experiment in New Modes of EU Policy-Making - Dermot Hodson
8. The Common Agricultural Policy: The Fortress Challenged - Christilla Roederer-Rynning
9. The Budget: Who Gets What, When and How? - Brigid Laffan & Johannes Lindner
10. The Structural Funds and Cohesion Policy: Extending the Bargain to Meet New Challenges - David Allen
11. Social Policy: Left to the Judges and the Markets? - Stephan Leibfried
12. Employment Policy: Between Efficacy and Experimentation - Martin Rhodes
13. Environmental Policy: Contending Dynamics of Policy Change - Andrea Lenschow
14. Biotechnology Policy: Between National Fears and Global Disciplines - Mark A. Pollack & Gregory C. Shaffer
15. Energy Policy: Sharp Challenges and Rising Ambitions - David Buchan
16. Trade Policy: A Further Shift Towards Brussels - Stephen Woolcock
17. Enlargement: From Rules for Accession to a Policy Towards Europe - Ulrich Sedelmeier
18. Foreign and Security Policy: Civilian Power Europe and American Leadership - Bastian Giegerich & William Wallace
19. Justice and Home Affairs: Communitarization with Hesitation - Sandra Lavenex

20. EU Policy-Making in Challenging Times: Adversity, Adaptability, and Resilience - Mark A. Pollack, Helen Wallace, & Alasdair R. Young
The policies of the European Union profoundly affect the lives of people in Europe and around the world. The new edition of this highly successful textbook outlines how and why such decisions are made, as well as the key challenges faced by policy-makers in the current political and economic climate.

Policy-Making in the European Union begins by clarifying the institutional framework of the EU and the analytical approaches used to understand it. A wide range of crucial and illustrative policies are then explored in detail by subject experts.

This volume includes new chapters on ways of analysing the EU's policy process and on energy policy. A central theme to the volume is how the expansion to twenty-seven member states has affected policy-making across the different policy sectors. The conclusion reflects on how this challenge and the protracted constitutional stalemate have affected policy-making in the EU. It also explores the impact of the financial and economic crises that have struck Europe over the past several years.

The sixth edition is fully up-to-date, and is the ideal text for all those with an interest in the policy-making of the European Union.

New to this edition:

- A new chapter entitled 'The European policy process in comparative perspective' helps to link theory and analysis
- A new chapter on energy policy addresses developments in this crucial area
- The concluding chapter focuses on the resilience of the EU policy-process in light of the enlargement to twenty-seven member states, the global financial crisis and constitutional changes brought about by the Lisbon Treaty
- An enhanced overview chapter explains the aims and organisation of the book.

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