Policy-making in the European Union (8th edition)

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Publication Date 2020
ISBN 9780198807605
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Policy-Making in the European Union explores the link between the modes and mechanisms of EU policy-making and its implementation at the national level. From defining the processes, institutions and modes through which policy-making operates, the text moves on to situate individual policies within these modes, detail their content, and analyse how they are implemented, navigating policy in all its complexities.

The first part of the text examines processes, institutions, and the theoretical and analytical underpinnings of policy-making, while the second part considers a wide range of policy areas, from economics to the environment, and security to the single market. Throughout the text, theoretical approaches sit side by side with the reality of key events in the EU, including enlargement, the ratification of the Treaty of Lisbon, and the financial crisis and resulting Eurozone crisis, focusing on what determines how policies are made and implemented. This includes major developments such as the establishment of the European Stability Mechanism, the reform of the common agricultural policy, and new initiatives to promote EU energy security. In the final part, the chapters consider trends in EU policy-making and the challenges facing the EU.

Table of Contents:

  • Part I - Institutions, Process, and Analytical Approaches
    • An Overview | Mark A. Pollack, Christilla Roederer-Rynning & Alasdair R. Young
    • Theorizing EU Policy-Making | Mark A. Pollack
    • The EU Policy Process in Comparative Perspective | Alasdair R. Young & Christilla Roederer-Rynning
    • An Institutional Anatomy and Five Policy Modes | Helen Wallace & Christine Reh
  • Part II - Policies
    • The Single Market: Central to Brexit | Alasdair R. Young
    • Competition Policy: The Politics of Competence Expansion | Mark Thatcher
    • Economic and Monetary Union: An Enduring Experiment? | Dermot Hodson
    • The Common Agricultural Policy: The Fortress Challenged | Christilla Roederer-Rynning
    • The Budget: Who Gets What, When, and How? | Brigid Laffan & Johannes Lindner
    • Cohesion Policy: Doing More with Less | John Bachtler & Carlos Mendez
    • Social Policy: Between Legal Integration and Politicization | Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen
    • Digital Policy-Making in the European Union: Building the New Economy of an Information Society | Abraham L. Newman
    • Environmental Policy: Contending Dynamics of Policy Change | Andrea Lenschow
    • Energy Policy: Sharp Challenges and Rising Ambitions | David Buchan
    • Justice and Home Affairs: Exposing the Limits of Political Integration | Sandra Lavenex
    • Trade Policy: Making Policy in Turbulent Times | Alasdair R. Young
    • Foreign, Security, and Defence Policy: Civilian Power, Europe, and American Leadership | Bastian Giegerich
    • International Development: A Distinct and Challenged Policy Domain | Jan Orbie
    • Enlargement: Widening Membership, Transforming Would-be Members? | Ulrich Sedelmeier
  • Part III - Conclusions
    • The Stability of EU Policy-Making in a Turbulent World | Mark A. Pollack, Christilla Roederer-Rynning & Alasdair R. Young
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