Policy paper: The exchange and protection of personal data – a future partnership paper

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As the UK and the EU built a new, deep and special partnership, it wasw essential that the two sides agreed a UK-EU model for protecting and exchanging personal data which allowed free flows of data to continue between the EU and UK, and provided for ongoing regulatory cooperation and certainty for businesses and other stakeholders.

This should reflect the unprecedented alignment between British and European law and recognised the high data protection standards that would be in place at the point of exit.
The United Kingdom government issued on the 24 August 2017 the seventh of a series of papers putting forward its negotiating position on the UK’s future partnership with the European Union (EU). It was published in the context of the negotiations being undertaken with the EU for the UK to leave the union following the Brexit referendum vote of June 2016.

This paper outlined the United Kingdom's position presenting options for the protection of personal data in the future partnership between the EU and the UK.

Source Link https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-exchange-and-protection-of-personal-data-a-future-partnership-paper
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