Political debate intensifies on Eurozone reform

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Publication Date 04/06/2018
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Ahead of what was seen as an important European Council summit in June 2018, European leaders started clarifying their positions on reforming the Eurozone and completing the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU). The debate was further intensified by statements from Germany's Chancellor.

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France's call for ambitious reform in the European Union was only partially embraced by German leadership, which proposed a smaller budget to support convergence and struggling Eurozone member states. Germany also showed its support to the creation of a European Monetary Fund (EMF) with powers to give members hit by sovereign debt troubles short-term credit lines.

The French President launched his vision for a reformed European Union in September 2017. A package of proposals towards the completion of the Economic and Monetary Union was also put forward by the European Commission in late 2017.

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Political instability in some Eurozone member states (here and here) as this discussion unfolded provided further arguments to some stakeholders in favour of carrying forward a broad reform of the European Union.

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