Politicising European security: from technocratic to contentious politics?

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Series Details Volume 28, Number 2, Pages 133-152
Publication Date May 2019
ISSN 0966-2839 (print) | 1746-1545 (online)
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Security provision in and by the EU has become an issue of increasing public interest and controversy. There are diverse and growing demands and critiques from different political camps towards the EU while EU institutions, in turn, utilise their security function as a resource for authority construction and self-legitimation. More recently, European security has also become intertwined with contemporary “crises” that turned it into an arena for the negotiation of fundamental conflicts, often revolving around questions of identity and sovereignty.

This paper argues that these developments represent a significant change of European security and its politics that existing approaches linking the field to depoliticisation cannot adequately capture. To fill this gap, this paper suggests applying a politicisation perspective that, so far, has focused on the European integration project as such or the “Eurozone crisis” to the purportedly special security field.

Source Link https://doi.org/10.1080/09662839.2019.1624533
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