Politics in the European Union

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Publication Date 2001
ISBN 0-19-878225-X
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This book provides a detailed account of the European Union, offering undergraduate students of European Studies and European politics a valuable reference tool.

The book opens with two parts which cover theory and history - both essential for a greater understanding of how the European Union has developed over the last five decades. These are followed by three parts, which tackle the core components of the European Union. Part three includes individual chapters on Germany, France and Britain and a broader chapter that covers the other Member States according to when they joined. Part Four begins with a clear overview of the complex institutional architecture and decision-making process of the Union, which is followed by individual chapters on the key institutions and a discussion of interest group activity at the EU level. The final part on policies covers the agricultural sector, the single market, economic and monetary union, regional and structural policies, external relations and enlargement including a brief discussion of the Nice European Council.

The structure of the book makes it well suited for students with the first page of each chapter providing an outline of what is discussed over the following pages. At the end of each chapter there is also a list of summary points, further reading and a series of questions which students may find useful during revision. There is also good usage of pedagogical features such as boxed features and diagrams, which are clearly indexed at the front of the book.

Both authors teach at the University of Sheffield where Stephen George is Professor of Politics and Ian Bache a Lecturer in Politics.

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