Polling in June, come what May: The whats and the whys of Britain’s snap election

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International Politics and Society is a young magazine with a much older heritage. Launched in January 2017, the online journal highlights global inequality and brings new perspectives on issues such as the environment, European integration, international relations, social democracy and development policy. Based in the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung’s Brussels office, International Politics and Society aims to bring the European political debate to a global audience, as well as providing a platform for voices from the Global South. Contributors include leading journalists, academics and politicians, as well policy officers working throughout the FES’s global network.

Whilst the magazine is committed to the values of social democracy, it encompasses a wide range of perspectives. Articles reflect the views of their authors, not of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. On 19 April 2017, United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May won the overwhelming backing of MPs to launch an early election campaign. Her announcement marked the start of a seven week election campaign, with May promising 'stability and freedom' under her Conservative party, whilst her Labour challenger, Jeremy Corbyn, vowed to 'overturn the rigged system' of government and distribute wealth more fairly, should he win. Journalist and political campaigner, Matthew Laza, spoke to Hannes Alpen and Ellie Mears about May's surprise announcement.

Source Link http://www.ips-journal.eu/regions/europe/article/show/polling-in-june-come-what-may-1993/
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