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The 2017 election of Germany’s federal parliament, the Bundestag, marked a turning point for the country’s democracy. But what exactly is behind this turning point? The ongoing decline of the mainstream political parties? The challenge presented by a new right-wing populist protest party in the Bundestag? The political fragility of the Modern Mainstream? Or the erosion of the democracy in the socially precarious milieu?

These are all pressing questions and characteristic facets of this election – and ones that point to a new line of conflict in the democracy. This new line of conflict is a diagonal tear running through the middle of German society – not geographically, but socially and culturally. It divides the societal milieus into the socio-cultural skeptics and supporters of modernization, and thus influenced the election result along this line of conflict.

Source Link https://www.bertelsmann-stiftung.de/en/publications/publication/did/improving-educational-opportunities-for-children-in-the-city-of-mannheim/?tx_rsmbstpublications_pi2%5Bpage%5D=12&tx_rsmbstpublications_pi2%5BfilterPreis%5D=1&tx_rsmbstpublications_pi2%5BfilterSprache%5D%5B2%5D=1&cHash=a2070a0803c300564f7924192490cf19
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