Populism Barometer 2018 – Populist Attitudes of Voters and Non-Voters in Germany 2018

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Publication Date June 2019
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Is populism in Germany a temporary phenomenon or a result of fundamental societal changes? One year after the federal election 2017, an analysis shows that populist attitudes are on the rise - particularly in the political center. By addressing issues of social justice, the mainstream parties could counteract this trend.

Source Link https://www.bertelsmann-stiftung.de/en/publications/publication/did/populism-barometer-2018/
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  • https://www.bertelsmann-stiftung.de/fileadmin/files/BSt/Publikationen/GrauePublikationen/ZD_Studie_Populism_Barometer_2018.pdf
  • http://dx.doi.org/10.11586/2018060
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