Post-Programme Surveillance Report. Ireland, Autumn 2019

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Series Details Number 122
Publication Date February 2020
ISBN 978-92-79-98869-1
ISSN 2443-8014
EC KC-BC-19-029-EN-N
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This report by the European Commission presents the findings of the twelfth post-programme surveillance mission to Ireland and identifies remaining challenges for the Irish economy.

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Staff from the European Commission, in liaison with staff from the European Central Bank, visited Dublin from 19 to 21 November 2019 for the twelfth post programme mission to Ireland. This was coordinated with an International Monetary Fund Staff Visit. Staff from the European Stability Mechanism participated in the meetings in the context of its Early Warning System.

The short-term outlook for the Irish economy is for solid growth, albeit subject to substantial domestic and external risks.

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