Presidential Election 2008: What Europe needs to know

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Similar to the intense debates within the U.S., the 2008 Presidential Election has become the centre of discussion among the European foreign policy community. In the lead-up to November, media coverage in the U.S., Europe, and around the world has been unprecedented. Often - though not always - the trivial trumps the actual policy debate. In the context of this information overload, the goal of this website is to be a valuable resource for an interested transatlantic audience.

The site intends to provide a comprehensive overview of the candidates' positions on issues which affect both Europe and the United States. We also aim to bring the wider U.S. policy debate to Europe by highlighting select think pieces, interesting editorials, and thought-provoking commentary which don't always travel across the Atlantic. As we track these debates, our promise to our readers is that we strive to avoid the trivial and aim to provide an unbiased selection of articles that focus on the issues. In addition to 'debate trackers' and regularly updated articles, you will find links to relevant events in Europe and the U.S., the opportunity to comment on blog entries, and continuously updated polls.

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