Press Release: A New Start: European Commission work plan to deliver jobs, growth and investment

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The European Commission adopted on the 16 December 2014 its Work Programme for 2015 – setting out the actions the Commission intended to take over the next 12 months to make a real difference for jobs, growth and investment and bring concrete benefits for citizens.

The Programme drew a mixed response from Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) in the debate with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and first Vice-president Frans Timmermans. The EP will vote a resolution in January 2015 on the 'new start' programme of the Commission.

On the 15 January 2015 MEPs voted on seven draft resolutions dedicated to the 2015 work programme. However, none of the resolutions won the necessary majority to be adopted.

VoteWatchEurope wrote 'In a dramatic display of power play, the political groups voted down each other’s proposals one by one'.

'This is a clear signal that, after the EU elections in May 2014 and the spitzenkandidaten process, the European Commission has become more political and that it will have a harder life in the Parliament. The new balance of power in the EP makes it harder for the Executive to push through its agenda: the EPP is the largest group, but is far from having a comfortable majority. The rise in numbers of the far left and the nationalists has complicated substantially the majority building processes, which inserts an element of unpredictability of the outcome of some the most controversial pieces of legislation expected to be dealt with in 2015'.

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