Problems and prospects in European education

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Publication Date 2000
ISBN 0-275-95202-9
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Problems and prospects in European education looks at European education's common heritage and the distinct national traditions it preserves. It covers the overall processes of growth and the institutional forms within which growth has taken place. It also addresses educational theory, policies and ideologies, as well as looking at the movements and actors that have furthered reform, besides the challenges that European education has to face as a consequence of change occurring through culture, reconstruction, migration, integration and through increasing globalisation.
Chapter headings are: European educational systems: the framework of tradition, systemic expansion and challenges for restructuring; Systems of public administration: patterns of school legislation and management; The teaching profession in Europe; historical and sociological analysis; Educational studies in Europe; Equality of opportunity: expansion of European school systems since the second world war; The economics of education: incentives, control of costs, allocation of resources; The impact of family socialization processes and educational strategies on the adaptation and academic success of students; Gender issues in European education today; The heritage of socialism and Perestroika: transformation processes in Central and Eastern European education; Schools, separatism and assimilation: the education of others in Europe; and Developing the European dimension in Education: the roles of the European Union and the Council of Europe.
Contributors are from the fields of education, sociology and law, and are drawn from a variety of European and American institutions.

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