Proposal amending Decision No 573/2014/EU on enhanced cooperation between Public Employment Services (PES)

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Publication Date 11 September 2019
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Proposal presented on 11 September 2019 by the European Commission aiming to extend the period of establishment of the European Network of Public Employment Services until 31 December 2027.

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Decision No 573/2014/EU on enhanced co-operation between Public Employment Services (PES) established the European Network of Public Employment Services until 31 December 2020. An evaluation has been carried out on the implementation of the Decision as well as related challenges and opportunities for a further continuation of the Network.

The proposed amendment aims at continuing to reinforce PES capacity, effectiveness and efficiency through providing a platform for comparing their performance at European level, identifying good practices and developing a mutual learning system. It also aims at giving the PES more opportunities to help develop innovative, evidence-based policies.


Public Employment Services (PES) are the main agencies executing employment policies facilitating labour market integration of jobseekers. Although structured differently in each country, all PES help matching supply and demand in the labour market through information, placement and active support services at local, national and European levels.

European-level collaboration between PES started in 1997, when the European Commission set up an informal advisory group of heads of PES (the European Network of Heads of PES). The aim was to promote cooperation, exchange and mutual learning between the member organisations and to receive feedback on employment policy initiatives. Building on this, in 2013 the Commission proposed to formalise this cooperation to support innovation, benchmarking and mutual learning at European level.

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