Proposal for a Decision establishing the position to be adopted in the EPA Committee set up by the Interim Agreement between the European Community and the Central Africa Party (List of arbitrators)

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Series Details COM (2019) 348
Publication Date 25/07/2019
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Proposal presented on 25 July 2019 by the European Commission establishing the position to be taken on behalf of the Union regarding the adoption of the list of individuals who are willing and able to serve as arbitrators.

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The interim agreement with a view to an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the European Community and its Member States, of the one part, and the Central Africa Party, of the other part, aims to establish an initial framework for a full regional economic partnership agreement in accordance with the Cotonou Agreement. The interim agreement has been applied on a provisional basis since 4 August 2014.

The EPA Committee is responsible for the administration of the Agreement. At its fifth meeting, the EPA Committee must adopt a decision establishing a list of fifteen individuals that could serve as arbitrators in dispute settlement proceedings in accordance with Title VI of the Agreement. The adoption of this list is essential to finalising the operational framework for the Agreement's provisions on dispute avoidance and settlement.

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