Proposal for a Decision on a European Year of Skills 2023

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Publication Date 12/10/2022
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Legislative initiative - tabled by the European Commission on 12 October 2022 - establishing the European Year of Skills for 2023. This is a text with EEA relevance.

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The green and digital transition set out for the European Union (EU) comprise the opening up new opportunities for people and the economy. Having the relevant skills empowers people to successfully navigate labour market changes and to remain fully engaged in society. However, over three quarters of companies the EU report difficulties in finding workers with the necessary skills. Figures from Eurostat suggest that only 37% of adults undertake training on a regular basis. The Digital Economy and Society Index shows that 4 out of 10 adults and every third person who works in the EU lack basic digital skills.

In order to boost competitiveness of companies, to realise the full potential of the transition in a socially fair, inclusive and just manner, the President of the European Commission announced during her annual State of the European Union (SOTEU) address the European Year of Skills for 2023. This aims include:

  1. Promoting increased, more effective and inclusive investment into training and upskilling;
  2. Strengthening skills relevance;
  3. Matching people’s aspirations and skills-set with labour market opportunities;
  4. Attracting people from third countries with the skills needed by the EU.

The proposed Decision was adopted by the European Commission on 12 October 2022.

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