Proposal for a Directive on adequate minimum wages in the European Union

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Legislative initiative tabled by the European Commission on 28 October 2020, proposing the creation of a framework to improve the adequacy of minimum wages and the access of workers to minimum wage protection in the European Union (EU).

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In November 2017, the European Union proclaimed the European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR) to deliver on the promise of prosperity, progress and convergence, and make Social Europe a reality for all. On of the items under the EPSR calls for adequate minimum wages as well as for transparent and predictable wage setting to be put in place, according to national practices and respecting the autonomy of social partners. The Strategic Agenda for 2019-2024 called for the implementation of the EPSR at EU and national level. The Political Guidelines for the mandate 2019-2024 of the European Commission included the publication of an Action Plan aimed at implementing the EPSR, which was later released in January 2020. At the State of the Union address in September 2020, the President of the Commission again pledged to present a legal instrument to ensure that workers in the EU have a fair minimum wage.

The proposed Directive aims to ensure that workers across the EU are protected by adequate minimum wages allowing for a decent living wherever they work. It was designed to safeguard access to employment and take into account the effects on job creation and competitiveness. In order to reach these objectives, the proposed Directive aims to promote collective bargaining on wages in all Member States. Countries with statutory minimum wages are required to put in place the conditions for adequate statutory minimum wages, including setting clear and stable criteria, providing for regular and timely updates, and an effective involvement of the social partners.

The proposal does not seek to harmonise the level of minimum wages across the EU, nor to establish a uniform mechanism for setting minimum wages in the Member States.

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