Proposal for a Regulation on a computerised system for communication in cross-border civil and criminal proceedings (e-CODEX system)

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Publication Date 02/12/2020
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Legislative initiative tabled by the European Commission on 2 December 2020, aimed at ensuring the sustainability of e-CODEX with an adequate governance and management structure compatible with eu-LISA.

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e-CODEX (e-Justice Communication via On-line Data Exchange) was launched under the Multiannual e-Justice Action Plan 2009-2013, mainly to promote the digitalisation of cross-border judicial proceedings and to facilitate the communication between Member States’ judicial authorities. The system was developed by 21 Member States with the participation of other third countries/territories and organisations between 2010 and 2016. The system is at this point managed by a consortium of Member States and other organisations, financed by an EU grant. Several Member States participated in pilots for the use of e-CODEX in different legal procedures.

An assessment to to project grant for e-CODEX concluded that the pilot project provided the key building blocks to achieve secure and reliable exchanges in judicial cooperation. In an accompanying Communication to this initiative, the Commission considers the system as the main tool and the gold standard for establishing an interoperable, secure and decentralised communication network between national IT systems in cross-border civil and criminal proceedings. The Council of the European Union urged in October 2020 the Commission to ensure the long-term sustainability for e-CODEX.

This proposal aims to establish a stable governance solution for the e-CODEX system, with a transparent decision-making process by ensuring the involvement of Member States and other relevant stakeholders. The timing for taking over the e-CODEX system by eu-LISA is a central element of this proposal. The draft law therefore also introduces amendments to Regulation (EU) 2018/1726. The initiative was published by the European Commission as part of a package of initiatives to modernise the EU justice systems.

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