Proposal to amend Decision (EU) 2019/276 as regards adjustments to the amounts mobilised from the Flexibility Instrument for 2019 to be used for migration, refugee inflows and security threats

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Series Details COM (2019) 600
Publication Date 02/07/2019
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Proposal presented on 2 July 2019 by the European Commission adjusting the amounts to be mobilised from the Flexibility Instrument for 2019.

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By Decision (EU) 2019/276 of 12 December 2018, the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union mobilised the Flexibility Instrument for an amount of €1,164 million (€179 million for heading 1a Competitiveness for Growth and Jobs and €985.6 million for heading 3 Security and Citizenship).

On 2 July 2019 the European Commission submitted draft amending budget No 4/2019 that included reductions in the level of commitment appropriations for both heading 1a and 3 and therefore reduced the need for the use of the Flexibility Instrument.

This draft Decision aims at adjusting accordingly the amounts mobilised from the Flexibility Instrument while respecting the purpose of the mobilisation. The adjusted mobilisation will amount to €1,090 million (€160 million is for heading 1a and €930 million for heading 3).

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