Prospects and Challenges for EU-China Relations in the 21st Century. The Partnership and Cooperation Agreement

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Publication Date 2010
ISBN 978-90-5201-641-2
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In 25 years, EU-China relations have come far, further than many could have imagined - but how much further can these relations be taken? Today, their bilateral relations are at a crossroads. In effect, it has been 25 years since the EU and China agreed upon the legally binding Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreement, which sets the basis for their diplomatic relations.

In an ever increasingly complex and globalised international environment, these actors have become mutually interdependent on a variety of levels. In 2007, they agreed to revise and update the 1985 accord and replace it with an all-encompassing Partnership and Cooperation Agreement. However, more than three years passed, and there are many points of contention which need to be negotiated. What obstacles are blocking this agreement? How can these obstacles be overcome? What concessions should be made and where?

This book will provide an up-to-date analysis of the problematic concerns, and the means to resolve these issues, that range from human rights, to international trade conflicts and climate change.

Table of contents:
+ Pierre Defraigne: Foreword
+ Jing Men/Giuseppe Balducci: EU-China Relations in the 21st Century
+ Andrew Cottey/Joern-Carsten Gottwald: EU-China Relations in a New World Order. Status, Dynamics, Scenarios
+ Kim Van Der Borght/Lei Zhang: The Current Legal Foundation and Prospective Legal Framework of the PCA
+ Frauke S. Austermann: The European Model of CSR and Labour Standards in China
+ Antoine Sautenet: EU-China Trade and the Future PCA. Intellectual Property Rights and Investments
+ Nayia Pyridi: EU-China Investment Promotion and Protection Rules
+ Jappe Eckhardt: The Evolution of EU Trade Policy towards China. The Case of Textiles and Clothing
+ Edward Cameron/Hilary McMahon: The EU-China Partnership. Forging a New Space on Global Climate Change
+ Katrin Kinzelbach: The EU, China and Human Rights. Normative Partnership or Antagonism in Disguise?
+ Carmen Amado Mendes: The Significance of the PCA in Sino-European Relations. A Step Forward or a Stumbling Block?

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