Protests against Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama

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Protests started in Albania in mid-February 2019 on a weekly basis. The protestors demanded the creation of a contemporary cabinet and early general elections.

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In February, opposition politicians from the centre-right to the centre-left walked out of parliament in a protest demanding the resignation of Socialist Prime Minister Edi Rama, who they accused of links to organized crime and of rigging votes. The opposition vowed to boycott local elections at the end of June.

On 10 June, president Ilir Meta called of local elections, citing the need to reduce political tensions in the country. Albanians voted on 30 June in local elections, despite opposition boycott and earlier threats of violent clashes and civil conflict.

Some of the protestors clashed with the police and threw Molotov cocktails, firecrackers and other objects at the entrance of the main government building in Albania's capital Tirana.

The political crisis was seen as a threat to the country's possibility of joining the European Union.

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