Putin’s peacekeepers: Beware of Russians bearing gifts / Is peace in Donbas possible?

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On 5 September 2017 Russian President Vladimir Putin surprised the international community by announcing that Russia wanted a UN peacekeeping force for eastern Ukraine. The Ukrainian government had long demanded a peacekeeping force, but Russia had always rejected it out of hand.

The author of this commentary wrote that the West should engage with Russia's peacekeeping proposal - but sceptically and with clear conditions.

Sputnik International wrote on the 16 September 2017 that Russia would soon put forth a UN Security Council Resolution recommending that foreign forces provide protection for the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in Donbass, essentially heralding the possible future introduction of peacekeepers into this war zone and earning significant praise from Germany.

Source Link http://www.ecfr.eu/article/commentary_putins_peacekeepers_beware_of_russians_bearing_gifts
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