Race for the presidency of the European Parliament

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Media sources reported in January 2017 on the race for the presidency of the European Parliament. The election was due to take place on the 17 January 2017

The Parliament's two main political groups both presented Italian candidates for the presidency - the EPP group put forward Antonio Tajani, while the S&D group presented Gianni Pittella. Liberal ALDE group's leader Guy Verhofstadt also announced he was running for the position.

In this context, the EPP group leaked the agreement it had signed with the S&D group in 2014 for power-sharing and thus effectively building a grand coalition.

As of the 16 January 2017 there were seven MEPs who had announced they were running for the post (in alphabetical order):

+ Eleonora Forenza (GUE/NGL, Italy)
+ Jean Lambert (Greens/EFA, UK)
+ Gianni Pittella (S&D, Italy)
+ LaurenĊ£iu Rebega (ENF, Romania)
+ Helga Stevens (ECR, Belgium)
+ Antonio Tajani (EPP, Italy)
+ Guy Verhofstadt (ALDE, Belgium).

Piernicola Pedicini (EFDD, Italy) withdrew his candidacy on 11 January 2017. More MEPs may join the race before each ballot.

On the morning of the election Politico suggested that a deal between the EPP and ALDE would mean that Antonio Tajani would win the race to become President of the European Parliament.

Source Link http://www.euractiv.com/section/all/news/european-parliament-presidential-race-descends-into-farce/
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