Radical Right in Western-Europe. Up to the Mainstream?

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Publication Date 2016
ISBN 978-1-13-891483-4
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This edited volume examines the emergence of radical right populist parties in Western Europe over the past three decades. The adaptation of an anti-immigration master-frame and electoral successes opened up an escape from the political margins for radical right parties in the 1990s and their share of the popular vote has continued on an upward trend to the point where radical right parties have recently entered government as coalition partners.

Drawing on the latest comparative research and featuring case studies from nine European countries, this volume assesses the extent to which the electoral successes and the entry into office of these radical right populist parties have resulted in them becoming part of mainstream politics.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction | Tjitske Akkerman, Sarah de Lange & Matthijs Rooduijn
  • Part 1 | Up to the mainstream? A comparative analysis
    • Up to the mainstream? Assessing the radical, niche and anti-establishment profiles of RRPPs since the end of the 1990s | Tjitske Akkerman, Sarah de Lange, Matthijs Rooduijn
    • Are radical right and mainstream parties electorally converging? | Matthijs Rooduijn & Wouter van der Brug
  • Part 2 | Case-studies
    • Denmark | Flemming Juul Christiansen
    • Netherlands | Tjitske Akkerman, Sarah de Lange & M. Rooduijn
    • Austria - Reinhard Heinisch & Christina Hauser
    • Switzerland | Oskar Mazzoleni
    • Finland | Ann-Cathrine Jungar
    • Norway | Anders Jupskas
    • France | Gilles Ivaldi
    • Belgium | Paul Lucardie and Teun Pauwels
    • United Kingdom | Simon Usherwood
  • Conclusions | Tjitske Akkerman, Sarah de Lange & Matthijs Rooduijn
Source Link https://www.routledge.com/Radical-Right-Wing-Populist-Parties-in-Western-Europe-Into-the-Mainstream/Akkerman-Lange-Rooduijn/p/book/9781138914988
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