Rail Economics, Policy and Regulation in Europe

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Publication Date 2015
ISBN 978-1-78347-332-8
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The European railway sector has gone through profound, yet mostly institutional, changes over the past 20 years, owing mainly to the initiatives of the European Commission. This book constitutes a first systematic account and assessment of the recent transformations of the European railway sector, whilst also covering the main segments such as passenger transport, high speed and freight.

The expert contributors have been charting these developments over the past five years. They provide a critical analysis of relevant, yet contentious, issues such as competition, unbundling, regulation, access charging, standards and interoperability, and public-private partnerships.

Practically-minded academics, as well as academically-oriented practitioners, interested in the railway sector and other public transport sectors will find this book to be a crucial read. It will also be of use to postgraduates studying infrastructure economics, policy and regulation.


Matthias Finger and Pierre Messulam
1. Rail Economics and Regulation (Matthias Finger and Pierre Messulam
2. Railways and Demographic Change
Nacima Baron
3. Competition and Third-party Access in Railroads
Günter Knieps)
4. European Railway Reform: Unbundling and the Need for Coordination (Didier van de Velde)
5. Commercialization and Managerial Independence (Silvia Olsen, Nils Fearnley and Julie Runde Krogstad)
6. High-speed Rail in Europe (Marta Sánchez-Borràs)
7. Incumbents and New Entrants in European Rail Freight (
Roel Gevaers, Jochen Maes, Eddy Van de Voorde and Thierry Vanelslander)
8. Incumbents and New Entrants (Angela Stefania Bergantino)
9. Rolling Stock Companies (Roscos) – Experience from Great Britain (Matthew Dillon, Alexander Jan and Neil Keogh)
10. What Does a Best-practice Railway Look Like? (Chris Nash)
11. Public-private Partnerships in the Rail Sector (Julien Dehornoy)
12. Mutual Recognition, Standards and Interoperability (Torben Holvad)
13. Non-discriminatory Access Beyond the Tracks (Andrew Meaney)
14. Rail Access Charges (Pierre Messulam and Matthias Finger)
15. Looking beyond Europe (Fumitoshi Mizutani)

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