Re-inventing regional policy for post-Brexit Britain

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The Welsh Brexit blog aims to inform and encourage constructive debate and analysis on issues relating to Wales and the UK's exit of the European Union. With Brussels and London having radically different attitudes to regional policy, Professor Kevin Morgan looks at what lies ahead for UK regional policy post Brexit. In a two-part blog, he argues that when the reign of EU regional policy ends in 2020, there is a real opportunity to build on the best features of European Union policy while avoiding the worst features, and re-invent a British regional policy that is at least as generous as current levels of support and supports all assisted areas in the UK.

In a subsequent blog (see related url hyperlinks), Professor Kevin Morgan explores the threats and opportunities of a Post-Brexit regional policy in more detail and assesses the implications for Wales, the country that has most to lose from the noxious cocktail of 'a third parliament of austerity' and a 'Hard Brexit'. Brexit also presents an opportunity to lead the way and design a new regional policy that marries traditional knowledge economy models of development with foundational economy models.

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