Recent Developments in the Application of State Aid Rules

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Series Details Volume 6, Number 2, Pages 491-506
Publication Date May 2010
ISSN 1744-1056
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"The European Competition Lawyers Forum (ECLF) welcomes the opportunity to provide a brief submission highlighting its members’ recent experiences and comments as regards the application of state aid rules. We commend the European Commission’s efforts to engage and seek input from the ECLF (amongst others) on this topic.
This article is structured as follows: Section A briefly recalls the role of state aid enforcement in the current crisis, in particular the measures adopted by the European Commission and the exit strategies; Section B focuses on the increasing application of remedies in state aid cases; Section C deals with state aid to the real economy and the future of the Temporary Framework; Section D suggests a number of adjustments to state aid procedure in view of the ECLF members’ experience; Section E refers to the recent developments and remarks in relation with the enforcement of state aid rules by national courts; and Section F is devoted to possible future developments in the field of state aid policy and enforcement."
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