Recommendation for a Decision authorising the Commission to open negotiations for the conclusion of a Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreement and protocol with The Gambia

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Series Details (2018) 541, 17.7.2018
Publication Date 17/07/2018
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The existing agreement between the European Union and the Republic of The Gambia dates back to 1987, when the two parties concluded a fisheries agreement approved by Regulation (EEC) No 1580/87. This agreement was implemented by three successive protocols enabling Union vessels to access the fishing zone of The Gambia until June 1996, which marks the expiry date of the last implementing protocol. Since that date the agreement has been dormant.

The Commission proposes to negotiate a new Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreement with the Republic of The Gambia that meets the needs of the Union fleet and is in line with Regulation (EU) No1380/2013 on the Common Fisheries Policy and the EU’s external action towards African, Caribean and Pacific (ACP) countries.

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