Reform of the EU’s electricity market announced by the European Commission (2023)

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Information Guide concerning the legislative packaged tabled by the European Commission on 14 March 2023 to reform the European Union's (EU) electricity market.

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The proposals adopted by the European Commission seek to to accelerate a surge in renewable energy sources and the phase-out of gas, make consumer bills less dependent on volatile fossil fuel prices, better protect consumers from future price spikes and potential market manipulation, and make the EU's industry clean and more competitive.

The proposed reform foresees revisions to several pieces of the existing legislation. It introduces measures that incentivise longer term contracts with non-fossil power production and bring more clean flexible solutions into the system to compete with gas, such as demand response and storage. In addition, the draft laws seek to boost open and fair competition in the European wholesale energy markets by enhancing market transparency and integrity.

The set of proposals was adopted on 14 March 2023, and it was preceded by a public consultation launched in January 2023. The initiatives include the following draft laws:

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ESO Records
European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS): Briefing, February 2023: Reforming the EU electricity market

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