Reforming transport pricing in the European Union: A modelling approach

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Publication Date 2001
ISBN 1-84064-129-0
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This book examines the problem of pricing passenger and freight transportation in Europe. The limitations of the legislation are discussed as well as the need for reform as a result of greater European co-operation and technological progress. The contributors are academics from a range of European universities.

The book has four main parts. Part one, 'Principles', has three chapters. Chapter one presents a graphical economic model to explain the economic concepts used. Chapter two examines the policy instruments that can be used to correct the external costs of transport services. Chapter three outlines the pricing scenarios used in the case studies later in the book.

Part two outlines the structure of the models used with details of the model used to examine optimal pricing in an urban environment, an explanation of the interregional model and a final chapter presenting an experimental version of the urban model used.

Part three looks at the data used to make the models operational. This includes chapters on the computation of different external costs included in the optimal pricing exercises and problems in estimating the resource costs of different transport modes.

The final part presents case studies of urban transport pricing in Brussels, Amsterdam, Dublin, London, and interregional transport pricing in Belgium and Ireland.

The book is aimed at transport economists and policymakers.

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