Regional Investment in Wales after Brexit. Securing Wales’ Future

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Publication Date December 2017
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On 23 June 2016 the UK voted to leave the European Union (EU), including a majority of those who voted in Wales. The Welsh Government said it accepted the result, even though it had not been the recommended outcome of the government.

Since then, the Welsh Government worked to protect and promote the interests of Wales during Brexit negotiations.

During 2017 it published a number of key documents outlining its position and encouraging a dialogue within Wales and elsewhere:

+ White Paper Securing Wales’ Future. Transition from the European Union to a new relationship with Europe, January 2017
+ Brexit and Devolution, June 2017
+ Brexit and Fair Movement of People, September 2017
+ Regional Investment in Wales after Brexit, December 2017
+ Trade Policy: the issues for Wales, February 2018The Welsh Government published in December 2017 a report called Regional Investment in Wales after Brexit. Securing Wales’ Future.

The publication of the policy paper was a step in the process of designing a new approach to regional economic development and investment in Wales. It formed one in a series of Securing Wales’ Future papers setting out the government's vision for Wales once the country had left the EU.

The main sections in the document were:

+ The Case for Regional Policy
+ European Structural Funds Legacy: Lessons Learned
+ Working in Partnership
+ A Future Without Borders
+ Investing in our Future
+ Our Approach

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