Regulatory and financial burdens of EU legislation in four Member States – a comparative study

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Publication Date 2022
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This study is part of a larger project investigating whether and how European legislation is implemented in selected Member States of the European Union (EU) on the legislative as well as administrative level and what (different) bureaucratic burdens are associated with their fulfilment in comparable family businesses. The project covers Austria, France, Germany and Italy and deals with a selected number of European directives and regulations. It was started in autumn 2020. This part of the project covers the A1 Certificate. It focusses on the administrative requirements related to workers from Austria, France, Germany and Italy.

The study contributes to an evidence-based discussion on the reduction of regulatory burdens at European and national level by comparing the transposition and implementation of European legislation ensuring social security in cross-border postings and assessing the regulatory burdens related to the A1 Certificate.

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The A1 Certificate/Portable Document A1 proves that a worker is already subject to the social security legislation of another Member State while being posted/working in another Member State. Without this proof, a worker could be subject to additional social security contributions in the host country.

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