Relations between Chile and the European Union

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Publication Date 27/02/2017
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Economic relations between the EU and Chile have become stronger since the signing of the 2002 bilateral Association Agreement, which represented a milestone in their international economic relations. In addition, in September 2002 the EU and Chile signed an agreement on scientific and technological cooperation, and in June 2005 the EU entered into a horizontal agreement with Chile concerning air transportation.

Thanks to the association agreement, the EU maintains a special trade relation with Chile, which includes the liberalisation of trade in goods and services, legislation that regulates rights of establishment (investments) and mutual access to public procurements. In addition, other important issues of the trade part of the agreement include intellectual property, legislation concerning the technical obstacles to trade, as well as a chapter on customs cooperation and trade facilitation.

Chile is a strategic partner of the EU in Latin America, with which the EU shares fundamental values concerning freedom, democracy and the defence of human rights. The EU and Chile also have a shared interest in ensuring that there is greater social cohesion, with better opportunities and quality of life for their people, as well as a shared commitment to improve integration in their respective regions.

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