Remittances, Gender and Development: Albania’s Society and Economy in Transition´╗┐

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Publication Date 2011
ISBN 978-1-84885-487-1
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Migration in the modern world, rather than being seen as a symptom or result of underdevelopment, is now understood more as a route towards development and a strategy for alleviating poverty. This study of Albania is particularly significant in this new debate on migration and development as, since the fall of communism, remittances have been a major supporter of the Albanian economy, sustaining many Albanian families, especially in rural areas.

The authors thus focus on the socio-cultural context of remittances, and explore how gender emerges as a powerful facet in the processes of development. It will therefore be of interest to scholars and students in Migration Studies, Development Studies, Gender Studies, Geography and Anthropology, as well as offering useful analysis for policy-makers, donors and civil society activists engaged in development planning and migration management.

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