Report assessing the extent to which the Member States have taken the necessary measures in order to comply with Decision 2003/568/JHA on combating corruption in the private sector

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Series Details COM (2019) 355
Publication Date 26/07/2019
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Report presented on 26 July 2019 by the European Commission taking stock of new developments and assessing Member States' progress in the fight against corruption in the private sector.

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This is the third implementation report on combating corruption in the private sector. The report finds that many Member States have stepped up their efforts to amend national legislation and bring sanctions linked to corruption in line with the minimum standards set out by Council Framework Decision 2003/568/JHA.

The Commission's assessment focused on Member States' efforts to: criminalise various aspects of active and passive corruption in the private sector, including bribery; penalise the instigation of corruption as well as aiding or abetting corruption; and to implement legal penalties for individuals.

The Commission will continue to support Member States in transposing, implementing and enforcing the measures and to eliminate possible limitations to the scope of the Framework Decision.

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