Report concerning the implementation and the results of the Pericles programme for the protection of the euro against counterfeiting in 2014

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Series Details COM (2015) 507
Publication Date 19/10/2015
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The 'Pericles 2020' programme is an exchange, assistance and training programme for the protection of the euro against counterfeiting, replacing the Pericles programme that was established in 2001 and ran in the period 2002-2013.

The Programme was established by Regulation (EU) No 331/2014 , which sets the duration of the Programme until 31 December 2020. Article 13(3) of the Regulation requires that the Commission shall provide annual information on the results of the Programme to the European Parliament and to the Council. This report responds to that requirement in relation to the year 2014.

The 'Pericles 2020' programme has several additional features compared to the previous programme. Firstly, the Regulation includes as an additional eligible action the purchase of equipment to be used by specialised anti-counterfeiting authorities for protecting the euro against counterfeiting. Secondly, the system of eligible costs has been simplified.

Furthermore, the Regulation sets the co-financing rate for grants at 75%, but also allows for an increase in the co-financing rate for grants to a maximum of 90% of the eligible costs in exceptional and duly justified cases which are defined in the Annual Work Programme. Finally, the monitoring and evaluation components of the programme have been strengthened.

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