Report: EU underestimates biofuels’ greenhouse gas savings by 50%

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According to a report published in November 2014 by Ecofys, the European Union underestimated the greenhouse gas emissions savings offered by biofuels by as much as 50%.

Both the Renewable Energy Directive, which calls for a 10% renewable energy target in transport by 2020, and Fuel Quality Directive, which promotes a 6% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, are in play.

Amendments to both were being discussed by the European Parliament for a second reading as part of the ILUC Directive by time this report was published. The Council of the European Union had its first reading in June 2014.

Scientists from Utrecht University concluded EU countries could increase their production of biofuels with a minimum impact on the environment, according to a study released on 13 January 2015.

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