Report on progress in Romania under the cooperation and verification mechanism

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Publication Date 25/01/2017
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The Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) was set up at the accession of Romania to the European Union in 2007 to address shortcomings in judicial reform and the fight against corruption. Since then, CVM reports have sought to help focus the efforts of the Romanian authorities through specific recommendations and have charted the progress made. With the CVM having reached its tenth anniversary this year, the Commission is taking stock with an overview of the achievements, the challenges outstanding and the remaining steps needed to achieve the CVM's objectives.

Judicial reform and the fight against corruption have been key issues for Romanian society over the last ten years. The CVM has an important role in Romania as driver for reform, as well as a tool to track progress. The Commission's conclusions and the methodology of the CVM have consistently received the support of the Council, as well as benefiting from cooperation and input from many Member States. Cooperation has also been reinforced by targeted support to Romania under EU Funds.

This report looks back at the developments in Romania since 2007. As in previous years, it is the result of a careful process of analysis by the Commission, drawing on close cooperation with Romanian institutions, as well as the input of civil society and other stakeholders, including other Member States.

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