Report on the implementation of Regulation (EC) No 1921/2006 on the submission of statistical data on landings of fishery products in Member States

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Publication Date 05/02/2019
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Report presented on 5 February 2019 by the European Commission on the collection of statistics on landings of fishery products under Regulation (EC) No 1921/2006.

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According to Regulation (EC) No 1921/2006, landings are defined as fishery products landed on Member States’ territory by EU and EFTA fishing vessels, or landed on non-EU territory by Member State vessels and then imported into the EU.

Article 10 of the Regulation states that every 3 years the Commission must submit a report assessing, in particular, the quality and the relevance of the statistics. The report must also analyse the cost-effectiveness of the system for collecting statistical data on landings and highlight any best practices that could be shared to lessen the workload at national level and lead to more useful, higher-quality data.

The Regulation applies to EU Member States and Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. However as it relates to landings of marine catch, landlocked countries are exempted from the data reporting obligation.

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