Report: Regulation (EC) No 2173/2005 on the establishment of a FLEGT licensing scheme for imports of timber into the European Community: Annual synthesis report for the year 2016

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Series Details COM (2018) 448
Publication Date 08/06/2018
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In 2005, the European Union adopted Regulation (EC) No 2173/2005 as part of the implementation of its 2003 Action Plan on Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT). The Regulation lays down rules for the implementation of the FLEGT licensing scheme through the conclusion of Voluntary Partnership Agreements with timber producing countries, including a requirement for imports into the EU of timber products originating in partner countries to be covered by a FLEGT licence.

The FLEGT licensing scheme became operational for the first time on 15 November 2016. This report provides an analysis of the first annual reports submitted by the Member States on the implementation of the FLEGT licensing scheme and covers the period 15 November to 31 December 2016. The analysis provides a state of play of the implementation of the FLEGT Regulation across the EU and outlines conclusions and next steps.

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