Research Magazine | Number 71 (April 2018)

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Publication Date April 2018
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New weapons in the war against malaria


The April edition of the Research*EU magazine takes an in-depth look at nine projects that focus on Malaria. These projects are followed by our usual thematic sections on health, society, energy, environment, aquatic resources, industry, information and communication technology, security and fundamental research. The magazine closes with a list of upcoming events hosted by or involving EU-funded research projects.



  • T-cell immunotherapy becomes a viable option for pancreatic cancer patients
  • Stem cell therapy for neurological disorders
  • Intestinal worms can influence allergy and asthma risk in humans
  • Young ‘ethnographers’ investigate the impact of online pornography
  • Exploring fungal biodiversity for the next generation of medicines


  • A new vision for eradicating poverty
  • Building inclusive public spaces
  • New ways of preserving Europe’s cultural heritage
  • EU-wide research network helps to reduce person-job mismatches
  • Gender politics in the University of Oxford’s collegiate choirs


  • Smart technology for more efficient energy use in neighbourhoods
  • Energy-efficient solutions retrofitted to commercial buildings
  • Reaching a better understanding of molecular self-assembly in organic solar cells
  • Windows turn into heating and cooling systems

Climate Change and Environment

  • Measuring the impact of concrete from cradle to grave
  • An accurate account of damage done by brominated flame retardants
  • How changes in biotic interactions impact dryland ecosystems
  • Global warming – we have lessons to learn from the Pliocene epoch

Industrial Technologies

  • Turnkey robot automation for SMEs
  • Applying nonlinear modelling to strengthen the steel sector
  • Magnetic e-skins usher in new era in sensor engineering

Digital Economy

  • Learning from massive, incompletely annotated, and structured data
  • Making MOOCs more widely available
  • Converging networks pave the way to 5G deployment
  • How to turn the public sector into a technology leader


  • Could insects become biosensors of the future?
  • A much-needed helping hand for cyber-security managers

Fundamental Research

  • Getting it straight for aligning accelerator components
  • Simplifying complex algebraic geometry
  • Genetically mutated rats could be a 21st century form of pest control
  • Pulling knowledge to push the state-of-the-art in applied acoustics

Food and Natural Resources

  • A new multifunctional sensor package to monitor the ocean
  • Next-generation web-enabled in-situ sensor systems for the monitoring of a changing ocean
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