Research*EU Magazine | Number 10 (March 2012)

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Publication Date March 2012
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Knowledge beyond frontiers: cross border science and innovation


The featured theme for this issue of research*eu results magazine is ‘Knowledge beyond frontiers’ and focuses on cross-border science and innovation’. Advances in science and technology have always crossed and broken through barriers, from shattering illusions about the relationship between the Earth and the Sun to physically breaking out of the Earth’s atmosphere into space. The projects funded by the European Research Council (ERC) today are even called ‘frontier research’.

The top story in the energy and transport section looks at the HAVEit project, which puts us on the road to more automated, and ultimately safer, vehicles. Their new approach focused on automation during extreme driving situations — in which drivers are often most at risk of having an accident — such as negotiating road works or while stuck in stop-and-go traffic. More feature articles on the Catiemon and ‘Central Loco’ projects then highlight research’s role in building better cross-border networks for transport.

The headline story in our environment and society section considers aquaculture as a complement to the fishing of Bluefin Tuna — in the same way as we already produce sea bream, sea bass, turbot and salmon — in order to protect disappearing fish stocks.

Our IT and telecommunications section starts with a look at how European scientists have prepared the ground to make ultra-high-speed broadband networks a reality for many more Europeans. More affordable optical fibre networks could bring huge economic gains.

Meanwhile, our industrial technologies section ends, appropriately, with a spotlight on how nano-crystals can overcome — literally — barriers in nano-electronic applications. The project, involving cross-border exchange with a Swiss university, has demonstrated the application potential of nano-crystal-mediated tunnelling for molecular electronics.



  • Unravelling gene expression for binding proteins
  • The invasion strategy of bacteria
  • At the compartment boundaries of the hindbrain
  • The balancing act of appetite and burning fat
  • Constant regeneration is skin-deep
  • Getting down to the molecular level of Alzheimer's disease
  • Hats off to enzyme probes
  • Tiny warriors fight Alzheimer's
  • Advances in understanding psychiatric disease risk

Digital Economy

  • Feature Stories - Assisting drivers, saving lives
  • Feature Stories - Broadband, a gig per second for all!
  • The power of carbs
  • Strong as stone
  • Communication networking for airspace safety
  • Unravelling the mysteries of cosmic rays
  • Better resource management for metagenomic information processing
  • Advanced devices using spintronics oscillators
  • Mediterranean earthquake intelligence
  • Strange planets
  • A helping hand for the land
  • Full-proof theorems
  • Loco on logistics
  • Genetic architecture unravelled
  • Digital travel companion

Climate Change and Environment

  • Taking European aviation to new heights
  • Microorganisms for better potatoes
  • Putting computer models to work for policymakers
  • Watching the drivers: a new perspective for safer roads
  • The driving force behind demand
  • Birds of prey for a healthy environment
  • Developing tools for sustainable urban design
  • Global change and rocky shore species
  • Urban planning for sustainable city regions
  • CO2 sensors that don't mind getting wet
  • Making inroads into tourism vs. immigration


  • Towards the next generation of plasma thrusters
  • EU boosts neighbour's hydrogen research capacity
  • Induction technology heats up
  • Storing hydrogen in solid form for mobile application
  • Nanocrystals breakthrough
  • Working towards a sunny future

Industrial Technologies

  • Innovative small-scale chemical plants
  • Laser technology gets a boost
  • Sophisticated sensors to improve motor performance
  • Nano-miniaturisation for gas sensors
  • A new era for science in society
  • Filtering out the dirt
  • Connecting transport networks
  • Boosting the bio-economy through research
  • Laser powering the future of viable power sources
  • Developing applications for new polymers
  • Pathogen-free, consumer-friendly eggs
  • Improved nanotubes for novel coating properties
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