Research*EU Magazine | Number 100 (March 2021)

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Series Details Number 100
Publication Date March 2021
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EC ZZ-AG-21-002-EN-N
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Special Feature: The New Synergies of Shopping:  E-Commerce or 'Bricks and Mortar'?


Research*eu's 100th issue includes an additional commemorative article that charts the rise and evolution of the magazine over the years.  The special feature looks at how technology is transforming how we shop by meeting seven EU-funded projects that are working in fields that will have a profound impact on on the retail and commercial landscape of the next few years.  In addition, the regular Life After, Project of the Month and EU Agenda sections also feature.


    • Health
      • The first oral vaccine against diarrhoea
      • Pioneering foam therapy offers hope to lung patients
      • Combining metabolism manipulation with immunotherapy as an alternative anticancer strategy
    • Society
      • West Africa: the final frontier in the study of human evolution
      • How infrastructure, mobility and politics in modern-day Asia have an influence on Europe
    • Celebrating
      • Reaching triple digits - Celebrating 100 issues of Research*eu magazine
    • Transport and Mobility
      • Composite materials herald the next generation of lightweight large-scale ships
      • Gearbox test rig for next-generation compound helicopter
      • Helping aviation embrace data-driven innovation
    • Life After...
      • Catching up with ITECCO Demo: A successful rail freight solution that bucked the 2020 trend
    • Climate Change and Environment
      • Bringing nature's own technology to the fore of the clean water revolution
      • Economic modelling shows impact of soil and climate change on agriculture
    • Special Feature
      • The new synergies of shopping: E-commerce or 'bricks and mortar'?
    • Food and Natural Resources
      • Giving artisanal butchers a competitive edge over industrial producers
      • Fire can be a useful tropical forest management tool
    • Industrial Technologies
      • A scalable solution for factories of the future
      • Pushing the envelope of of vacuum-insulated panels
      • Prototype developed to monitor the temperature of metal cutting tools
    • Digital Economy
      • Faster, more efficient industrial robots with real-time motion planning
      • Independent hotels now have a digital platform to manage all their services
      • Machine learning unlocks secrets hidden in a whole Earth Catalogue
    • Space
      • Geology unlocks secrets to Mars's watery past
      • Characterising the solidification of the moon's early magma ocean
    • Fundamental Research
      • A new generation of experiments aim to answer the gravity-quantum question
      • Unwinding the mechanobiology of the circadian clock
    • Project of the Month
      • 'Quantum entanglement' allows for better data readouts
    • Agenda
      • April 2021


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