Research*EU Magazine | Number 102 (May 2021)

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Series Details Number 102
Publication Date May 2021
ISSN 2599-7920
EC ZZ-AG-21-004-EN-N
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Special Feature: EU Researchers Tackle Pollution for a Cleaner, Greener Europe


This month's special feature highlights seven EU-funded projects carrying out innovative research and development into novel solutions for achieving a pollution free Europe, in-line with the EU Zero Pollution Action Plan, due to launch in Spring 2021 and part of the European Commission’s European Green Deal initiative.  Project of the Month celebrates the launch of a major new milestone - the creation of Europe’s largest and most far-reaching astronomy network.  Life After, catches up with Israeli SME MeMed Diagnostics that was funded under the AutoPilot-Dx project and find out how they have actively adapted their novel diagnostic assay to contribute to the fight against COVID-19.  Finally, EU Agenda provides an overview of the (primarily online) events taking place.


    • Health
      • A point-of-care microdevice for accurate cancer diagnosis
      • Gold nanoparticles deliver greater diagnostic sensitivity
      • Taking the long view in suicide prevention
    • Life After...
      • Catching up with AutoPilot-Dx: Utilising novel biomarker-based assay technology in the fight against COVID-19
    • Society
      • Making history: crafting a shared cultural identity in Europe
      • Remembering complex histories of violence
      • Innovative approach elucidating the medieval history of the Horn of Africa
    • Transport and Mobility
      • What makes time spent travelling worthwhile?
      • Helping business set up alternative transport systems
      • Online repository highlights security and safety advances in aviation
    • Climate Change and Environment
      • World-leading climate models and tools simulate and predict regional climate with unprecedented fidelity in Europe
      • Insects, climate change and plant defences - unravelling the connection
    • Special Feature
      • EU researchers tackle pollution for a cleaner, greener Europe
    • Food and Natural Resources
      • Assessing carabid beetles as a biocontrol for slugs and other pests
      • Integrated fisheries management delivers ecosystem benefits
    • Industrial Technologies
      • Translucent, touch-sensitive wood is revolutionising construction
      • Exotic new materials inspired by plants
    • Digital Economy
      • The pivotal role of blockchain technology in securing robot swarms
      • Novel technologies enable human-robot interactions in warehouses
      • Putting the 'spott'- light on interactive content marketing
    • Space
      • Low-cost, flexible and secure Galileo-enabled software receiver in support of Space missions
      • Modelling Galilean moon atmospheres finds evidence that Galileo detected a water plume on Europa
    • Project of the Month
      • Celebrating the launch of Europe's largest astronomy network
    • Fundamental Research
      • Shedding light on dark matter
      • Advancing theories of how pathogens spread from animals to humans
      • Teaching neural networks to go with the flow
    • Agenda
      • May 2021
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