Research*EU Magazine | Number 105 (August/September 2021)

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Series Details Number 105
Publication Date August/September 2021
ISSN 2599-7920
EC ZZ-AG-21-007-EN-N
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Special Feature: From Socrates to Modern Science: New perspectives in European Philosophy


This issue’s special feature highlights seven researchers working within the realm of philosophy.  Project of the Month highlights the first-year successes of the LINKS project, which has been investigating both the opportunities and challenges of social media and crowdsourcing during major emergencies, and how they can be better utilised in disaster management. Meanwhile, Life After, revisits a young researcher who is continuing to advance cutting-edge solar panel technology following his Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions project, Crystal Tandem Solar.  And, finally, the usual EU Agenda outlines upcoming events, online and otherwise.


    • Health
      • State-of-the-art technology solutions to empower stroke patients
      • Digital tools help improve young people's mental health
      • By easing insomnia, emotional support apps also prevent depression
    • Society
      • A closer look at understanding and improving the behaviour of leaders
      • Shaking hands with the authors of the Bible
    • Energy
      • More juice, fewer emissions: towards greener power devices
      • Game-changing biomass combustion technology
      • Superconducting fault current limiter protects national electricity grids
    • Life After...
      • Catching-up with the Crystal Tandem Solar: A truly transatlantic effort to develop super-efficient, cheaper and more flexible perovskite solar cells
    • Climate Change and Environment
      • Understanding 'planetary waves' helps forecast dangerous heatwaves
      • Building urban resilience to climate change
      • How small farmers adapt to a changing climate
    • Special Feature
      • From Socrates to modern science: New perspectives in European Philosophy
    • Food and Natural Resources
      • Improved seasonal forecasts to optimise crop management
      • New containment system for open water fish farming
      • Vision technology rejects unsuitable olives
    • Industrial Technologies
      • Helping heavy industry clear the air
      • Innovative process-machine-tools solution for the manufacturing value chain
    • Digital Economy
      • App assisting vision-impaired people now includes corporate customers
      • Realatars will soon be making their way to our screens
    • Security
      • Community-based policing critical to post-conflict countries
      • Harnessing collective intelligence to find missing children
    • Project of the Month
      • Exploring how social media and crowdsourcing can contribute to more disaster-resilient societies
    • Fundamental Research
      • 'Transmogrifying' mirrors created with nanoscale patterning
      • Building functional chromosomes to characterise chromatin replication
      • The secret love life of fruit flies
    • Agenda
      • November 2021


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