Research*EU Magazine | Number 106 (October 2021)

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Series Details Number 106
Publication Date October 2021
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Special Feature: Innovative EU Research Targets Breast Cancer


This month's special feature focuses on the research of seven EU-funded projects working to improve our understanding of breast cancer, as well as patient outcomes.  Life After returns to see how the BILLON project is helping Europeans participate in the ever-growing digital economy, using blockchain technology to enable cross-border payments and instant bank-to-bank transfers.  Meanwhile, the research behind headlines suggesting that the Gulf Stream shows signs of collapse is supported by TiPES, our Project of the Month.


    • Health
      • A safe, effective and affordable Zika vaccine
      • Acoustic technology for detecting tumour DNA in blood
      • More than milk: how the maternal microbiome shapes infant health
    • Society
      • Printing money: how the economics of 16th century publishing houses reshaped Europe
      • Piecing together Jewish life in Medieval Europe
      • How early childhood empathy can shape attitudes to nature
    • Transport and Mobility
      • Giving citizens a stand to improve their cities
      • Novel sensor boosts collision-avoiding capabilities of aircraft
      • Data sharing technology helps to organise the skies
    • Climate Change and Environment
      • ¬†Understanding bacteria that live inside volcanoes can bolster climate models
      • A new way of studying very old ice cores
    • Project of the Month
      • An urgent warning as a vital ocean current system appears to show signs of collapsing
    • Special Feature
      • Innovative EU research targets breast cancer
    • Food and Natural Resources
      • A growing opportunity: turning mushroom substrate into fertiliser
      • How wheat can develop immunity to pathogenic bacteria
      • A smart way to measure feed levels and upgrade the animal feed supply chain
    • Industrial Technologies
      • Cracking steam cracking technology with eco-friendly furnaces
      • Reactive process fluids will help parts give friction the slip
    • Digital Economy
      • Helping robots get to grips with the real world
      • New technology supports community radio in small rural communities
      • Cutting-edge solution is bringing new life to still photos
    • Life After...
      • Catching up with BILLON: Bringing innovative blockchain technology into the financial mainstream
    • Space
      • Stellar objects beyond Neptune offer clues about out origin
      • Ringing stars help us sound out distant planets
    • Fundamental Research
      • A transformative, light-harvesting cubic crystal
      • How honeybees can help swarm robots - and us - make better decisions
    • Agenda
      • December 2021


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